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After a bad car accident in the early 1990s, Danny Volonino found himself at an ultimate low. While Danny was recovering, his prayers were answered when a friend approached him about the ACN Business Opportunity. Eager for a new path, Danny joined ACN on the spot.


He went to work immediately, but it wasn’t until a visit with the ACN Co-Founders where Danny decided to give it his all.

“They didn’t judge my past and were willing to answer every question I had about my new future with ACN.” Danny quickly found that the key to finding success on the outside is to personally develop on the inside.

Today Danny consistently encourages positive thinking and personal growth to his team.

Danny’s goals in ACN are to help as many ministries as possible keep their doors open, and even more so, help as many people as possible deal with the current economic condition. “I want to give people hope and I know that by sharing ACN, this is the vehicle that will get them there.”



Prior to joining ACN Jamie worked in the sales industry. She was a top producer at an IT Research and Advisory firm. At 27 years old she found herself a single mom working 60 plus hours a week to support her then 5 year old daughter. She always knew there had to be more to life than just going to work to pay the bills.


She originally started ACN to make some extra money. However, through the ACN opportunity she knew that she had finally found her calling. The overwhelming amount of support, positivity and personal growth elevated her to another level. The environment ACN provided was one she wanted to make sure she shared with the world. Within 5 months of joining the company she decided to step away from corporate America and pursue ACN full time.


Through the opportunity she met her husband and they decided to team up to build an empire. Jamie's top priority with ACN is to help free as many people as possible from the chains of mediocrity. She believes that with the right mindset, work ethic, and support anything is possible.

After failing two traditional businesses and bouncing around from job to job ACN was a breath of fresh air for Daniel Snead. Even though he had a slow start he remained steadfast knowing that ACN would provide his family a lifestyle that was second to none.


Today his goal is to help as many people as possible live the life that they dream and not the life that their salary will pay. Daniel is married to his childhood sweetheart Justine and together they have two children Mya and Camille. When he is not in living room sharing the ACN opportunity Daniel enjoys spending time with his family reading and playing basketball as much as he can.





A writer, a motivator, a personal development coach, a grandmother, Diana brings her excitement from her college cheerleading days to the podium. Even though Diana is a cancer survivor and lost her husband due to cancer, she lives her life with a passion and has a positive mental attitude.


Diana used to have her own radio program called “Success For Life” and wrote a book called “Building Successful People For Life”. She has been on many different Advisory Boards such as the American cancer Society and the Metropolitan Urban League. She also was on the Board of Directors of her church, ” Church of God” in Orlando, FL.

Diana received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Mathematics and her Masters of Science Degree in Human Resource Development and Administration. She taught High School Mathematics and was the Academic Dean and Professor with Barry University.



Al has always believed that God put him on this earth to do one thing – help others. When he was first introduced to ACN in 2001, he knew the ACN Opportunity could help fulfill that mission even though he was already successful with his own traditional company. He kept his traditional business going and worked his ACN business in his spare time until 2008 when he stepped away from ACN to focus on his other company that was about to go under. “I had to go back,” Al said. “There were thousands of people’s lives that would have been affected.”


The failing economy continued to take its toll and though he always planned to return to ACN, the days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and months turned to years. By 2013, he could no longer stand the work he was doing. After being forced to lay off three people, he called his wife Janelle and said, “I need to go back to ACN.”

Today he is more focused on building his ACN business than ever before, as he realizes ACN provides the best of both worlds. He can build a business and help people all at the same time!



One fundamental thing you will soon recognize about Glenda is her passion for what she believes in. She demonstrates this very well as she teaches, motivates and inspires her partners in ACN.

After receiving her degree in nursing, she worked part time with a network marketing company and graduated Leadership School September 1997. Glenda’s focused efforts produced rapid growth, which allowed her the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally to teach and educate groups of all sizes. 

Glenda soon realized that she was kept away from her family for too long so she chose to get into Real Estate. She excelled in her first year and within six months  was awarded the “Outstanding Performance for Achieving Sales Goals” and “Top Realtor of the Year”. Most importantly she remained close to her husband and business partner Paul and their two children. A Certified Youth Advisor and devout Christian, she led the Youth Ministry from 2002- 2006 and since 2008 has led the Usher’s ministry at Without Walls International Church.

Her extreme passion for people and caring attitude led her to home care nursing. There she met a Hispanic family that told her she could make “mucho dinero when cell phones ring”, a vision that has led her on a journey with ACN since July 2010. 

The continued level of professionalism and dedication to success has attracted her and her husband to focus and become extremely serious. Both Paul and Glenda were promoted to an esteemed position, which has changed their lives tremendously. Retiring both from careers in nursing and law enforcement. They have assisted hundreds to get promoted and accomplish their goals. They enjoy working with people who exude passion, excitement, and commitment.


What drives them is the ability to empower others to make decisions for themselves acquiring time and money, most importantly, the potential to acquire generational wealth. 

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